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  Board of Directors  
  Vice President
  Chief Executive Officer
  Corporate Mangement  
  Hamid Mohsin Director, Strategic Planning & Development
  Dr. Fouad Al Absi Senior Consultant
  Issam Sallouh Chief Audit Executive
  Jawad Ariqat Administration Manager
  Ali Hammoud Legal Advisor
  Business Operations  
  Dr. Khaled Harb G M, Pharmaceutical & Biological Operation
  Wasef S. Yousaf G M, Medical & Scientific Operations
  Dr. Safwat A. Al-Kalby Manager, Veterinary Division
  Wasef S. Yousaf Manager, Tenders, Projects & Dental Division
  Dr. Faris Lalu Deputy Manager, Tenders, Projects & Dental Division
  Support Operations  
  Yasser Al Natour General Manager, Finance
  Ziyad Moukhaimer Manager, Accounts
  Ahmed Gamal-Eldin Manager, Operations
  Dr.Magdy R. Saidum Manager, Regulatory & Technical Affairs
  Abdallah Anabusi Manager, Information Technology 
  Rasheed Nour Ismail Administration, MSO Department
  Hazim A. Hourani Manager, Technical Maintenance
  Sameeh S. Khudairi Manager, Logistics
  Mohammad A. Othman Manager, Warehouse (Central)
  Branch Management  
  Mohammad M. Skaik Branch Manager, Jeddah
  Sami Shataiwi Manager, Pharma - Jeddah
  Ibrahim El Hajj Sales Manager , MSO - Jeddah
  Inweihi Inweihi Branch Manager, Dammam
  Yousuf Shakoor Manager, Pharma - Dammam
  Samer S. Jumaj Sales Manager, MSO - Dammam
  Hatim Alnajjar Supervisor, Qassim Branch Office
  Isam Naji Manager, Abha Branch Office
  Mohammed Murtaja Supervisor, Madinah Branch Office
  Hasan Ali Hammad Manager, Tabuk Branch Office

Medical and Scientific
Registration & Technical Affair

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